• Home Decorators Artificial Tree Recalled due to Fire Hazard

    Artificial trees, while convenient and reusable, can pose a significant risk if not manufactured and used to stringent safety standards. 
  • Artificial or Real: Fire Safety for Christmas Trees

    In the real vs. artificial Christmas tree debate, it's essential to recognize that artificial trees, although less flammable, still carry fire risks. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, they account for 25% of Christmas tree fires. To stay safe, choose a fire-resistant or UL-rated artificial tree, keep it clean, inspect lights, avoid overloading outlets, use UL-rated LED lights, maintain distance from heat sources, and employ fire-resistant decorations. Always turn off lights before bed and never use real flames. For a safer holiday season, follow these tips.
  • Extinguishing Ornaments at Edmonton Unlimited Annual Launch Party

    Our acceptance to the Startup Pitch Contest is a testament to the strength of our concept and our dedication to making a positive impact. As we take the stage to pitch our idea, you can expect a compelling presentation that highlights the importance of fire safety during festive times.
  • Our Journey through the Edmonton Unlimited Fasttrack Course

    At Extinguishing Ornaments, we've always believed in the power of knowledge and continuous learning to fuel our growth. And so, when the opportuni...
  • "Best In Show" for Edmonton Unlimited's Propel Fast Track cohort.

    Since inception, Extinguishing Ornaments has been striving to offer an innovative way to protect families during the holidays. When Extinguishing Ornaments was invited to participate in the Propel Fast Track program, it was a very easy YES! Following the Edmonton Unlimited Propel Program, Extinguishing Ornaments is positioned to continue its growth and innovation trajectory. We are excited to continue working with the Edmonton Unlimited team and our dedicated coach to ensure product development and growth are focused and efficient. Keep an eye out for our progress into the next programs, such as Velocity and Experts on Demand, and check out Edmonton Unlimited if you're a local entrepreneur looking for the very best support and direction!
  • Homes fires at highest during Christmas Eve and Day

    As the holiday season approaches, it's important to remember the increased risk of home fires. Christmas Day and Christmas Eve are leading days for home fires, with decorations, cooking, and baking being contributing factors. Christmas trees, decorative lights, and candles all pose fire hazards. The National Fire Protection Association recommends following safety precautions such as keeping decorations away from heat sources, using tested and approved decorative lights, and never leaving candles unattended.
  • Advice on Christmas tree safety.

    ...For artificial trees, it's important to choose a tree that is labeled as fire-resistant...