Who we are

Christmas tree with presents under it

The Team:


Our Mission: 

Helping prevent fires during the holidays. 

Our Vision:

No family has to experience a fire during the Christmas holidays. 

Our Values:

Education and prevention are the best way to stay safe during the holidays. If a Christmas tree fire does happen, we endeavour to reduce the harm.

About Us:

Welcome to Extinguishing Ornaments! We are a small business based in Alberta Canada, dedicated to our mission of helping prevent fires during the holidays. Our vision is that no family has to experience a Christmas tree fire, and we are committed to achieving that goal through education, prevention, and harm reduction.

At Extinguishing Ornaments we offer a unique product to help keep your holidays safer: Simple but effective, inexpensive but invaluable. 

Our fire extinguishers are designed to blend in with your tree and can help quickly extinguish any fires that may occur. We believe that fire safety doesn't have to be unsightly, and our products are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our ornaments also serve as a reminder to stay safe during the holiday season.

Our values are centered around education and prevention. We believe that knowledge is the best tool to prevent fires, and we are committed to providing educational resources to our customers.

We are also mindful of our impact on the environment. We understand the negative impact of single-use items, including Christmas trees, and are committed to promoting sustainability in our products and practices. For each ornament purchased, we plant one tree as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability.

If you are looking for automatic fire extinguishing ornaments for your Christmas tree, look no further! Our products are designed with safety and beauty in mind, and we are dedicated to helping families stay safe during the holiday season. Thank you for visiting our website, and we hope you find the perfect protection ornament to add to your Christmas collection.