Our Journey through the Edmonton Unlimited Fasttrack Course

Edmonton Unlimited Propel Fasttrack Finance

At Extinguishing Ornaments, we've always believed in the power of knowledge and continuous learning to fuel our growth. And so, when the opportunity to enroll in the Edmonton Unlimited Fasttrack Finance course presented itself, we eagerly embarked on this journey towards financial mastery. Edmonton Unlimited offer various supports to local entrepreneurs to foster innovation and development, and we're thankful for being accepted to another Fasttrack cohort. The Finance Route to Profitability endeavours to focus on: 

  • Identify a startup’s path to profitability
  • Enhance a founders business financial literacy skills, so they can be confident and decisive
  • Discover strategies and tools for determining their company’s financial needs
  • Learn about different funding streams: self-financing, debt funding, and the art of securing grants and other finance options
  • Access experts, coaches, and peers for advice and help along the way

Why Finance Matters for Small Businesses:

Finance isn't just about numbers; it's the lifeblood of any business, ensuring its vitality and sustainability. As a small company specializing in automatic Christmas tree fire extinguishers, we recognized that a strong financial foundation is crucial for our long-term success. However, navigating the complex world of finance wasn't always easy for us. That's where the Edmonton Unlimited Fasttrack Finance course came into play.

Our Journey Begins: The Edmonton Unlimited Fasttrack Finance Course

The Edmonton Unlimited Fasttrack Finance course was like a beacon of light for us. From day one, it promised to demystify finance and equip us with the knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions. Here's a glimpse into our transformative journey through the course: 1. Breaking Down Financial Jargon The course started by unraveling the cryptic language of finance. Terms like cash flow, balance sheet, and profit and loss statement no longer felt like hieroglyphics. We learned to speak the language of numbers, making it easier to communicate with accountants and investors. 2. Understanding Budgeting and Forecasting Managing our finances effectively meant learning how to budget and forecast. The course provided us with the skills to create realistic financial projections, helping us plan for the future with confidence. 3. Capital and Investment One of the most valuable lessons was understanding different sources of capital and investment options available to small businesses. Armed with this knowledge, we were better prepared to explore opportunities for growth and expansion. 4. Risk Management In business, risk is inevitable. We learned how to assess and mitigate risks, ensuring our financial decisions were well-informed and calculated. 5. Financial Decision-Making Perhaps the most significant takeaway was the ability to make sound financial decisions. We learned how to evaluate the financial health of our business, ensuring we always had a clear picture of where we stood.

The Impact on Extinguishing Ornaments As we progressed through the course: From day one, the impact on Extinguishing Ornaments was evident. We began to: 

  •  Improve Cash Flow by implementing effective budgeting strategies: We managed our cash flow more efficiently, ensuring we had the funds needed to operate smoothly.
  • Make Informed Investment Decisions: Armed with knowledge about various investment options, we made strategic decisions that supported our growth plans through no dilutive funding.
  • Build Financial Confidence: We no longer shied away from financial discussions. Instead, we actively engaged a fractional CFO, helping us secure the financial future of our small business.

Final Thoughts:

Completing the Edmonton Unlimited Fasttrack Finance course has been a pivotal moment in our journey as a small business. It's empowered us with the financial knowledge and skills needed to thrive in a competitive market. If you're a small business owner in Edmonton, we highly recommend taking this course. It's not just about mastering finance; it's about unlocking the potential of your business. At Extinguishing Ornaments, we're excited about the future. With our newfound financial acumen, we're confident that we can continue to grow and shine in the world of automatic holiday fire extinguishers. Remember, learning is a never-ending journey, and investing in knowledge is one of the best investments a small business can make. We're proof that with determination and the right resources, any small business can conquer the world of finance. So, here's to mastering finance and setting your business on the path to unlimited success! Cheers to financial wisdom and the endless possibilities it brings!


Special thanks to our coaches Allan, Victoria, Eugenio, Stephanie, and Kara!