Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install my Extinguishing Ornament and how does it work?

All Extinguishing Ornaments use the following instructions. Prior to use please review the Terms of Use .

  • Verify your tree height and follow these guidelines:
    • If the tree is > 2m use 1 Extinguishing Ornament.
    • If the tree is < 2m use 1 extra Extinguishing Ornament per meter.
  • Secure holding basket to tree using provided screws at 3/4 of the tree height.
  • When exposed to fire for 3 - 5 seconds, the ball will activate.
  • A loud noise will be heard, and extinguishing powder will spread.
  • Exit the home and call the fire department.


What if it comes in contact with a hot light?

 The sensing wire will only cause the ball to release chemical when exposed to fire, not heat.


What type of trees does this work on?

 This will work for both natural and artificial trees.


How should I store it when not in use?

 We recommend storing the ball in a cool dry place away from sunlight, ideally in a plastic bag (like a food freezer lock bag) to help keep moisture out. When taken out of storage you can shake the ball to help keep the extinguishing powder loose. 


Why is there a recommended 5 year service life?

 This is currently the suggested life on a unit to ensure optimal efficiency. Over time plastics and styrofoam can break down, and the powder can settle and become compacted. With proper care and inspection, your ball may last much longer than this! 


What if there is powder outside the ball?

 There may be a small amount of extinguishing powder stuck between the label and styrofoam ball from the manufacturing process; this is okay. If you notice a continual leak of powder, the ball has been damaged. There is a one year warrantee and shipping protection program with free replacement. After one year of purchase please discard and purchase a replacement. 


Is this powder dangerous?

 No, the powder used in the ball is non-toxic to people or pets. It is the same powder which is used in household fire extinguishers. Should you breathe in any powder or it comes in contact with your eyes or skin, you can contact your local health link call line, or call your local poison control call line for further advice. This product meets CE Restriction of Hazardous Substances Direction 2011/65/EU. MSDS sheet available on request. 


Are these balls dangerous?

 No, they are very safe to be handled. They are made of a durable styrofoam core and a strong outer plastic wrapping. The sensing wire must come in contact with flame for it to activate. Should you drop one, or it is played with (perhaps by a curious child), it is very unlikely the ball with release powder. If it does begin to leak extinguishing power, or have dents or tears in it, discard the ball and purchase a new one.


Can I hold the ball over the fire for it to work?

 Never! Do not hold the ball while close to flame! The heat from the flames can cause severe burns, and the activation of the ball may cause injury. Always stay away from an active fire and allow the ball to activate independently. 


Can I use the ball for other uses?

 Currently we have not tested this in other applications. We do not recommend using this over a stove or in oil/grease fire applications, the activation energy of the ball can cause oil splash and increase fire danger and injury. 

Do you guarantee this will stop a fire?

No as there can be many factors during a fire. The ball may completely stop the fire, but we advise you call the fire department to ensure the fire is extinguished fully. 



What are tips to help prevent a Christmas Tree fire?

  1. Choose a fresh tree: A dry tree can easily catch fire. When purchasing a Christmas tree, make sure it's fresh by checking for green needles that are hard to pull off and don't break when bent.

  2. Keep your tree hydrated: A hydrated tree is less likely to catch fire. Make sure to water your tree daily and keep it away from any heat sources such as radiators, fireplaces, or candles.

  3. Check your lights: Inspect your lights to ensure they're in good condition. Replace any broken or damaged bulbs, and make sure the lights are UL-listed for safety. Don't overload electrical outlets or extension cords.

  4. Use flame-retardant decorations: Choose decorations that are flame-retardant to reduce the risk of fire. Look for labels that indicate they're made of non-combustible materials.

  5. Don't leave your tree lights on overnight: Turn off your tree lights before going to bed or leaving your home. You can also use a timer to turn them off automatically.

  6. Place your tree in a safe location: Make sure your tree is placed in a safe location, away from any heat sources, and out of the way of foot traffic.

  7. Have working smoke detectors: Install smoke detectors in your home and ensure they're working properly. Test them regularly and replace the batteries twice a year.

  8. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby: Keep a fire extinguisher close to your Christmas tree, and make sure everyone in your home knows how to use it. An Extinguishing Ornament is the one of the best ways to automatically put out a Christmas Tree fire before it becomes tragic.

By following these tips, you can help prevent Christmas tree fires and ensure a safe and happy holiday season for you and your family.

What are your terms of service?

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